About Octipas

Founded in 2010 with an online wishlist solution, Octipas became quickly the french market leader of omnichannel wishlist solutions. The founder, Nicolas Passalacqua, then realized the difficulties of retailers in front of the rise of e-commerce websites. This is why he decided to accompany them in their in-store digital transformation. The digital sales assistant solution by Octipas has been created. This plug and play solution, offers a seamless shopping experience, omnichannel and unique for every customer in store. More than 1000 stores use the Octipas solution everyday: Celio, Eram, Madura, Nature & Découvertes, Zadig & Voltaire, Okaidi…

Octipas in few figures

years of experience
sellers equipped
Up to 17%
additional turnover

A passionate team



    Fondateur - CEO

  • Olivier FOURCADE

    Olivier FOURCADE

    Sales Director

  • Steve ROBLEDO

    Steve ROBLEDO

    National Account Manager

  • Sarah FOARE

    Sarah FOARE

    Customer Success Manager

  • Aurélie DAVEAU

    Aurélie DAVEAU

    Brand Manager

  • Laura VIVIER

    Laura VIVIER

    Nationel Account Manager

  • Julien KERGOAT

    Julien KERGOAT

    Project Manager

  • Bérenger VIDAL

    Bérenger VIDAL

    IT Project Manager

  • Jean-Philippe PRAT

    Jean-Philippe PRAT

    Marketing Manager

  • Laure BOURBON

    Laure BOURBON

    Assistante de direction

  • Louis JANIAUX

    Louis JANIAUX

    Customer Success Specialist

  • Luc BARRY

    Luc BARRY

    IT Developer

  • Lukas BARGOIN

    Lukas BARGOIN

    IT Developer

  • Pierric DERRIEN

    Pierric DERRIEN

    IT Developer

  • Cyprien GUILLEMOT

    Cyprien GUILLEMOT

    IT Developer

  • Thibault ALLARD

    Thibault ALLARD

    IT Developer

  • Clément MONESTIER

    Clément MONESTIER

    IT Developer

  • Quentin GEENENS

    Quentin GEENENS

    IT Developer

  • Guillaume ARGILES

    Guillaume ARGILES

    IT Developer

Our values

Customer accompany

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